Front Room No.1


Her are some of the new things I am doing at the warehouse to make the place more interesting…  We need to want to come to work so I am trying to create something I like.

I added 3 new instruments to the front room museum.
Conn Bass Saxophone
Conn Bass Saxophone
King Very old Baritone Saxophone given to my foundation by Fred Pauloa
King Bari Sax given by Fred Paulos
Albert System E-Flat Clarinet
Albert System E-Flat Clarinet

Photo No. 1

An original soprano saxophone with a range from low B to High E-Flat only. All metal no pearls on keys and has a double octave key.

Next is an Evette-Schaffer B-Flat soprano saxophone it is gold plated and has never had a pad changed all original condition.

Next is an old King Straight B-flat soprano with the same design as the famous Saxello. G# tone hole is on the back of the saxophone and the G key has two tone holes and key cups.

Next is a clear Acrylic B-Flat clarinet. Rumor has it that Hitler had them made for the desert bands… this instrument was given to me by one of my all-time favorite people Zep the world famous owner of Zep’s Music in Burbank California…..

Next is an Albert system clarinet, a Miles Davis print given to me by my friend Vince Wilburn Jr., Poster for Miles Ahead signed by my friend Darryl Porter one of the producers…. Funny story, this is the first movie I have ever seen when the leading lady was someone I had had lunch and dinner with .. she worked for my friend Vince Trombetta when he was the president of Local 47 in Los Angeles….. she was great……

Some of my new T-Shirts and a poster of a movie I produced that bite it big time “Run for the Border”

Warehouse Front Room No. 2

2nd Photo

A few photos signed to me… James Moody, Gary Foster, David Ii, Peanuts Hucko, Bennie Wallace, Jerry Maren and The Conrad O. Johnson Foundation of Houston Texas

1st is a metal alto clarinet by Peddler,

2nd at the top is an alto made by the Buescher company the only plays from low C to the C above the staff. This was manufactured for young people to learn the saxophone and the only mistake was they did not have any Palm keys… so when the kids switched to a traditional sax they would always bump the palm keys open when trying to play the sax……

3rd is a Martin alto called a typewriter saxophone. Not sure of the real model be everywhere the finger touched a key there was a pearl… it is easier to go between things than you might think… also the side keys for the B-Flat, Side C and Palm E all worked the opposite direction than a modern saxophone and it only had to side keys… the High E and the side B-Flat keys worked both the Side B-Flat and the Side C.

The bottom alto clarinet is very old and has open holes and a double register key.

The saxophone above is an original saxophone…. It has metal touch pieces, double register key.  In the case when I got it, there was a note that said the women it belonged to got it in 1907 used…..

Next is a metal Bass Clarinet…..

The blank white photo you cannot see is of my new Sliding Weight Beck Brace form my patent

Front Wall #3

Photo #3

On this wall I have a, Conn Gold Plated Alto with the tuning adjustment on the neck.

A Conn E-Flat Baritone Saxophone range to low B-Fat and High F, It is a stencil with the Bundy name on it…….

A Evetter Schaffer Tenor Saxophone with a third key on the right hand little finger for a Low B natural. This made it easier to play from a low B-Flat to a B or a Low B to C-Sharp.
It also featured a key just above the first finger of the right hand that did several things. You could use it to play from the C above the staff to a D, or a palm D to a Pam E-flat, or from a Palm E-flat to a Palm E….
It offered many ways to play hard finger patterns much easier……

Then the Almost Keyless Alto that I invented for the study of the overtone series.

You can see the top of the head of my little man from the 20’s… when he works his right arm and eyes move……