Rheuben Allen B-Flat Clarinet Mouthpiece


This is the mouthpiece I play.


*This is the mouthpiece I play….

RACL-APMp Rheuben Allen B-Flat Clarinet Mouthpiece (Acoustic Plastic) is great for students and professionals.  I personally use this mouthpiece and have done nothing special to improve the way it plays…  it just works great.

What are the features of this mouthpiece that make it a good mouthpiece?  I play this mouthpiece!

B-Flat Clarinet Mouthpiece (Acoustic Plastic)

Rheuben Allen B-Flat Clarinet Mouthpiece (Acoustic Plastic) provides a great tone color, excellent response throughout the entire range of the clarinet, outstanding intonation and it is just plain fun to play. Other things this mouthpiece provides is great tonguing.

What is the difference between Acoustic Plastic and Hard Rubber for a clarinet mouthpiece? For me there is no difference in the tone color if the mouthpieces are the same blank to start with.. the difference for me is I believe the Acoustic Plastic has a little more ring to the sound and is a little less resistant.