Kenny G Power Chamber Soprano Sax Mouthpiece


You need to play it to believe ll the things it can do!


Kenny G Power Chamber Soprano Sax Mouthpiece

Kenny G Power Chamber Soprano Sax Mouthpiece Specifications:

Brand Name: Kenny G
Model: KGSS-HRMp1 Power Chamber
Material: Hard Rubber
Chamber & Bore Design: Patterned after the mouthpiece Kenny plays
Accessories:  Comes with a Rovner Cap and Ligature designed for this mouthpiece.
Country of Manufacturing:  United States
Made in the USA

Kenny G Power Chamber Soprano Sax Mouthpiece is made of Hard Rubber and made in the US. The KGSS-HRMp1 is a great playing professional mouthpiece and completely unique.  Made in the USA yes we decided to have it made here in the US…. For over a century the America worker has produced some of the best made products on the planet. So we want to use their talents whenever we can… and it always works out great.

Inspiration & Design:
The inspiration for the design and concept of this mouthpiece came from the mouthpiece Kenny plays. Kenny noticing when giving clinics and talking to many saxophonists they were having trouble playing the metal mouthpiece.  So we started talking about other materials.

After we talked about it seemed logical to make it out of Hard Rubber.
Hard Rubber  is the most used material for saxophone mouthpieces.. it is so widely used  because of its versatility, great tone quality and ease of playing.

Unique Inside Chamber:
The inside chamber is a copy of the mouthpiece Kenny plays and offers all the characteristics of his mouthpiece in a material that once again is easier to play.  Since many alto and tenor players use hard rubber mouthpieces it is a little more difficult to pick up the soprano and use the metal mouthpiece.  The Hard Rubber is much easier to play when coming from alto or tenor and provides a great response throughout the entire range of the soprano.

Produces A Very Unique Tone or Sound:
By combining the inside chamber of the mouthpiece Kenny plays and the Hard Rubber material we now have a completely unique mouthpiece. This mouthpiece has a great sound, great response throughout the entire range of the soprano, wide range of dynamics and again ease of playing.  If you are looking for a mouthpiece that will do everything you will need as a professional player.. then this is the mouthpiece for you.

Ligature & Cap:
The mouthpiece comes with a Rovner Ligature & Cap designed for this mouthpiece like the one Kenny plays… these mouthpieces are very consistent and we only offer one facing and that is the facing Kenny likes.. Made in the USA …