I Love the Clarinet

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I Love the Clarinet ….. and again who doesn’t?
I Love the ClarinetHollywood Shirts & Cups…..

I started Hollywood Shirts & Cups a few months into recovering from a quadruple bypass operation.  I could not do any work and barely move .. but I could type on the computer.  I started just putting in smart ass sayings to entertain myself and thought some of them would make a good T-Shirt. One of my friends took me to a trade show for Dye Sublimation printers and I got hooked.  I got a printer, a press to do shirts and a press to do cups….

What I liked about Dye Sublimation over Silk Screen is that the image becomes part of the shirt… Silk Screen it is on the outside and does not wash or wear as well as the Dye Sub.

I really like having an idea and going into Photoshop and making the design…. I can print one or fifty shirts or cups……

It is a lot of fun…..