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RA Sliding Weight Neck Brace Brochure #8.0

This is about a 10th of the sopranos you can try at my warehouse showroom…..
soranos 4.13.19 showroom

While other internet dealers are only concerned about making money and talking about how great they are I believe in giving back and helping young people play music. Over the past 3 years I have given over 300 instruments to deserving young people at no charge to them through my Rheuben Allen Music Education Foundation ( You can help me continue this service by donation at
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I have been in the music business now over 50 years.  I have had many different interest over the years including photography, making low budget movies and designing and making many different products. Most of the time I am a saxophone and clarinet repairman but have many interest outside of repair.  On this site you will be able to see many of my inventions for saxophone and clarinet along with my T-Shirt and cup designs….. at 74 I am having a lot of fun doing new things and will continue to develop products that I hope you will enjoy.

All products on this site are LIMITED Edition productions….

When you purchase an instrument from this site you are getting an instrument(s) that have been checked and set up by Rheuben Allen recognized as one of the most respected woodwind repairman in the world….. no other site can offer you more when selecting an instrument.

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